60° wild alaskan fish is truly the best of the best

We take many extra steps to ensure every fish is premium quality , which means means a longer shelf life, bright color, fresh ocean smell, firm texture, and superior flavor.

Why Buy With Us?

At 60 North Seafoods we have a small and dedicated staff full of local knowledge about our fishery resources. Quality customer service is our number one priority. Our sales team is equipped to inform you about all of our product availability in real team as well as customize your order to fit your unique needs. When you purchase wholesale from 60 North Seafoods you know that you are supporting independent food producers. We are a fishermen owned and operated facility and work closely with trusted harvesters to source the best seafood possible.

Interested in Our Products?

Send us an email or give us a call to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members. To place an order, let us know your desired species, form and quantity. Our staff will inform you about availability, landings and catch quantity so that you can confidently plan your purchases. Our team will assist in developing a shipping plan for the fresh or frozen product to your desired location/s. We primarily use Alaska Airlines cargo for seafood shipments. You will be informed of your order’s completion once fish has landed on the docks and been packaged for shipment in our facility in Cordova.

As your product moves towards its final destination you will receive updates regarding shipping times and receiving confirmation from us directly. We will also provide copies of airway bills and bill of lading documents for your records.

You're in the right place!

60 North is ready to buy and sell 2019 season salmon, halibut, sablefish – in portions, H&G (whole fish w/ heads and guts), fresh & frozen, value added 60 North is Copper River Fisherman owned. Founding owners are multi-generational fishing families that have been selling their own harvest direct to consumers for years. Founding owners products are recognized as the pinnacle of quality even within the premium seafood sector of Copper River. 60 North offers traceability from fisherman to consumer.

We have the premium fish you need - Copper River Fresh

Copper River Fresh (CRF) is our product line that was created specifically for delivering premium FRESH fish directly chefs. Co-founder, John D. Wiese developed and permitted a special method of cleaning the fish on his boat and shipping directly to chefs within hours of catching the fish. John is our fresh expert; he’s upgraded his boat to provide premium quality, and he’s been direct marketing his fresh catch for years. We have delivery service available in Seattle, Wa and San Antonio, Tx. Please call or fill out the form below.

Fresh fillets and H&G available:

  • Copper River King (mid May – mid June)
  • Copper River Sockeye (mid May – late July)
  • Copper River Coho (late August – late Sept)

We've got you covered!

Sixty North Seafoods now has a retail product line, created to deliver the premium quality fish we catch ourselves right to your door. We catch all the fish ourselves, hand cut into 8oz portions, wrap in parchment paper (to preserve superior quality), vacuum seal and freeze. Sixty North products are available seasonally as well as year-round and shipped anywhere in the U.S. right to your door. Place orders directly online. We ship every Monday.

Ready to Cook

  • Copper River King (8oz portions)
  • Copper River Sockeye (8oz portions)
  • Copper River Coho (8oz portions)
  • Wild Alaskan Halibut (8oz portions)
  • Wild Alaskan Sablefish/Black Cod (8oz portions)
  • Mixed Boxes (8oz portions)

Looking to enjoy premium wild fish at home?

Sixty North Seafoods is now offering delicious seafood sent straight to your door. Visit our online store to order.