Our fish is always wild, Alaskan and sustainably caught. Sixty North is fisherman owned - we know fish.

We are a business built by fishing families, employing fishing families and community members. Our small custom facility is a resource for the town of Cordova by supporting regional harvesters, providing value-added custom processing and empowering fishermen to direct market their catch. We specialize in traceability – so you can know the fisherman for every single fish, and premium quality – for extended shelf life and exceptional sensory qualities.

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Wild Alaskan salmon’s rich flavor, firm texture, and vibrant color comes from the untouched Alaskan waters they thrive in. High in omega-3 fatty acids, wild Alaskan salmon is known for its incredible health benefits and taste.

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Wild Alaskan Halibut are among the largest of the saltwater fish and the largest of all the flatfish. It is an excellent source of high-quality protein and minerals, it is low in sodium, calories and fat and contains few bones.

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Sablefish (Black Cod)

Wild Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod) is a species of deep-sea fish common to the North Pacific Ocean. Excellent source of heart-healthy, omega-3s, good source of potassium and an excellent source of high quality protein.

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Pacific Cod

Wild Alaskan Pacific Cod are desirable for their mild flavor and tender yet firm texture. The cooked meat is white, lean and flaky with a low fat content.

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Wild Alaskan Rockfish is a versatile white fish that is known to have a mild flavor and lean but firm texture. Rockfish are high in protein, omega-3’s, vitamin D and potassium.

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Wild Alaskan Spot shrimp are widely regarded as the finest shrimp in Alaska due to their size and sweetness.

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